Flevo: stronger together

The policy of the Coöperatieve Pelsdierenfokkers Centrale Flevo is focused on providing quality feed. Here we strive for improvement in terms of size and quality of the pelts. A very strict control regarding raw materials and our finished product contributes to safe feed, which leads to healthy and productive livestock. Flevo members do have influence on policy-making,  thanks to the cooperative principles, through their representatives in the Board of Directors and during membership meetings. Statistics from the international auction houses, show the succes by following this strategy. A yearly increase in size and quality of pelts is realized by the customers using  Flevo-feed.

CPC Flevo a democratic and transparent governance, where governance, member involvement and supervision are set in a contemporary cooperative manner. Within this structure, a separation is made between on the one hand, the cooperative association with its activities, and on the other hand, the holding company, in which the operations have been placed.

Its members are the owners of the cooperative. The co-operative in turn owns 100% of the shares of Holding BV Flevo When the members of the cooperative meet in the General Assembly, they are in this so-called ‘hourglass model “the highest organ. This keeps the final approval of the financial statements and other important decisions taken by the General Assembly of the cooperative. This construction ensures the direct control of the members.